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The Converging Verticals of the $23.8bn Global Professional Displays Market

Global Professional Displays Market Analysis and Commentary

17 Oct 2017 - The global professional display industry has entered a phase of flux – several factors are contributing to a period of this unparalleled product convergence across multiple applications. This shift is leading to discernible uncertainty among market players up and down the supply chain. But what does this development mean for current market players? Change generates opportunity, but in which applications and regions will opportunities derive moving forward?

Uniting its 15 years’ experience of tracking arrange of professional display technologies and associated solutions, Futuresource has thoroughly answered these questions in a major new report which provides a comprehensive outline of current and future market dynamics.

“For many years we have been helping our clients navigate the complex display landscape but generally on a one-to-one, consultative basis. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge across key display technologies, solutions and vertical markets, but those insights are delivered across myriad reports and services” explains Chris McIntyre-Brown, Associate Director and co-author of the report at Futuresource Consulting. “This report was designed to collate those findings and critical thinking into a syndicated high-level strategic view of the threats and opportunities in this market space”.

The Commercial Displays -A Strategic Market Overview Report, provides a comprehensive analysis of the three core display technologies: Front Projection, LCD and LED; highlighting how the latter, LED , is benefiting from a highly competitive landscape – especially amongst a host of domestic Chinese brands, where government support is also rumoured to be pushing developments. 

Futuresource also takes a deep-dive into application dynamics together with cross-product analysis – including ASP (average selling price) developments - and a combined strategic outlook of core display technologies, including regional analysis.

Other aspects of the report share the latest predictions showing projection technology’s core markets of corporate and education are under threat from LCD however Futuresource brings to light new, emerging, exciting opportunities for players operating in this space. Including up to the minute statistics on how retailers’ ambitions to maintain footfall is having a positive impact on the displays industry.

Both collaboration and connectivity are also key themes. An increasing number of end users are working collaboratively in meeting rooms, sharing multiple content streams from multiple devices “This has resulted in a number of display manufacturers increasingly embedding wireless technologies in their solutions, or launching peripheral devices offering this functionality. There has also been a recent swell in the launch of end-to-end interactive solutions from ecosystem players (namely Microsoft, Google and Cisco) which is redefining how a display solution is both perceived and utilized” commented Mcintyre-Brown. All of which provides further insight and vision for the changing needs and opportunities in this space.

The disruptive advancement of consumer TVs sales into entry-level signage, and general B2B environments, is another dynamic that is explored with Futuresource predicting sales to soar in B2B environments at 22% CAGR from 2017 – 2021. Independent ‘Mom & Pop’ style stores, as well as a multitude of other small establishments like schools, restaurants and medical centres, are increasingly favouring consumer TVs, as, a trend mirrored in the corporate world.


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