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Futuresource Voice Assistants in Home Electronics Report - Worldwide Dec 18

This report updates the February 2018 report ‘Voice Assistants in Consumer Electronics’, focusing on Voice Assistant and related device uptake in the Home.

The latest research shows strong adoption in multimedia and entertainment is expected to continue although there is a slight delay in some categories due to longer product development times and on-going consideration of the best type of voice assistant implementation.

Research for this report is drawn from Futuresource’s ongoing research across a broad spectrum of CE hardware – covering Audio, TV, Video, Smart Home and Appliances, Games, and Mobile & Wearables. The information in this report is based on research conducted during the second half of 2018, and will be updated again in the first half of 2019.

This update is based on new, more granular analysis on the worldwide Voice Assistant market which segments the market by Device Type (Smart Speakers), by Brand (Sonos), VA Platform (Alexa), Region (EMEA), and level of Voice Assistant Integration (e.g. Far Field). This analysis will be made available to clients as a spreadsheet with pivot table in January 2019.

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