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Global Virtual Assistant Market achieves 15% Growth in 2020

The global virtual assistant market posted another strong year in 2020, achieving 15% shipment growth. That’s despite the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, which applied the brakes to many industries and CE categories.

Futuresource Consulting’s latest market tracker shows that VA-enabled sales in the audio/visual and personal electronics product categories have paved the way for profits, with trends shaping a positive future for the technology.

“Although the pandemic did weaken the market for virtual assistants, its impact was short-lived,” says Simon Forrest, Principal Technology Analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “We didn’t see the bleak picture that was initially painted by many in the industry. Compared to the 24% unit growth in 2019, last year’s 15% increase is an isolated slowdown, and one that underlines the consumer’s continued love affair with virtual assistant-enabled devices.”

Siri and Google Assistant go Head-to-Head

Across all product categories worldwide, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant were tied in top position for market share in the first half of 2021. Baidu was close behind, even though it only operates within the Chinese market.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing Alexa and Google Assistant residing together on the same device,” says Forrest. “This ‘multiple’ category now accounts for nearly one in every four devices and is presenting some market players additional market share, almost by stealth.”

AsiaPac takes the Lion’s Share

“Looking to the regions, AsiaPac is the rising star, with our forecasts placing it on course to capture almost half the global market by the end of this year. That’s due to the rise of Chinese language VAs, with Baidu’s DuerOS leading the charge. Across EMEA, Google Assistant leads the way, with Siri the primary player in the Americas.”

A Bright Future for Virtual Assistants

Moving forward, Futuresource expects the VA-enabled market to continue to perform, achieving a shipment CAGR of 14% out to 2025. By that time, the global installed base across CE and automotive segments will have more than doubled compared with 2020, exceeding 8.5 billion units according to Futuresource projections. What’s more, four in every five CE products will have virtual assistant capability by 2025.

For further information on the virtual assistants market tracker report from Futuresource Consulting or to make a purchase, please contact Jack Tammaro.

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Simon Forrest

About the author

Simon Forrest

As Principal Technology Analyst for Futuresource Consulting, Simon is responsible for identifying and reporting on transformational technologies that have propensity to influence and disrupt market dynamics. A graduate in Computer Science from the University of York, his expertise extends across broadcast television and audio, digital radio, smart home, broadband, Wi-Fi and cellular communication technologies.

He has represented companies across standards groups, including the Audio Engineering Society, DLNA, WorldDAB digital radio, the Digital TV Group (DTG) and Home Gateway Initiative.

Prior to joining Futuresource, Simon held the position of Director of Segment Marketing at Imagination Technologies, promoting development in wireless home audio semiconductors, and Chief Technologist within Pace plc (now Commscope) responsible for technological advancement within the Pay TV industry.

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