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Interactive Displays Market Riding as Q3 Results Revealed

Display Technologies Market Analysis and Commentary

The global interactive displays market continues on its upward trend, with this year’s Q3 shipments chalking up the second largest quarter ever, according to a new interactive displays report from Futuresource Consulting.

Consisting of interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panels, the interactive displays market has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade. Initially, interactive whiteboards in K-12 education began to lay the groundwork, with the UK, USA and Mexico leading the way. Now, interactive flat panels are making their own moves into classrooms, and the landscape has shifted, with China commanding the lion’s share of the global market.

“There’s still plenty of opportunity left in the market, whether it’s through the natural replacement cycle or expanding beyond the existing user base,” says Colin Messenger, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “With five million interactive whiteboards currently installed across the globe, the door is open for interactive flat panel replacement. Combine that with the fact that 69% of classrooms still don’t have interactive displays and the future landscape begins to look very appealing indeed.”

Looking to the regions, the Americas experienced a positive Q3 with close to 30% growth, and the USA accounted for more than nine in every ten interactive display shipments in the region. Overall sales in EMEA and APAC were down, though on a country level there were many spikes of positive activity, with India, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Norway among the winners.

“The future continues to show promise,” says Messenger, “and we’re going to see interactive display shipments break through the two million mark for the first time this year. As we move forward, our analysis shows a strong replacement market will begin to unfold, accounting for more than 80% of sales by 2023.”

The new Futuresource report, Quarter 3 2019 World Interactive Displays, is part of Futuresource Consulting’s interactive displays quarterly market track service, based on sales-in data from vendors. The service covers both interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panels in education and the corporate sector. It includes sales data at sell-in level by country, including five-year sales forecasts by country, product and technology, as well as a competitive review and tender alerts.

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Colin Messenger

About the author

Colin Messenger

Colin has been with Futuresource Consulting for over 25 years, he has been involved with the Interactive and schools markets on a day-to-day basis for over eighteen years and runs the worldwide interactivity displays research programmes.

Prior to Futuresource he held senior positions at Orange for 10 years, and as General Manager of Euronet Cellular Communications launched the first UK distribution company to offer a consumer mobile phone package to dealers.

He was a member of the UK Government’s DfES, Classroom of the Future Project (Ingenium) and he has been an AV Awards judge over the last 12 years. He is a STEM Ambassador, where he visits schools enthusing on careers in science and technology. He is governor of a London school and acts as a strategic partner for their IT vision plan.

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