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Audio’s on the Prescription: Maximising the Consumer Audio Opportunity within a Healthcare Corporation

When a well-known audio company wanted to demonstrate their brand value in a billion-dollar acquisition, they called upon us to help. 

What do healthcare and consumer audio have in common?  

An established healthcare corporation with a global footprint set its sights on an entirely new industry. Pivotal to this ambitious new venture was the acquisition of an established suite of audio brands. While healthcare sounds like the antithesis of home audio, the two industries had clear, exploitable synergies.  

In the run up to this billion-dollar acquisition, we worked closely with the sell-side team to demonstrate the worth of a consumer audio business arm. The result was a bold new acquisition that delivered maximum value to both sides. In the long term, this venture opens the door to a lucrative new opportunity. 

The challenge 

Leveraging technological expertise, buy-side found a new opportunity to create unique audio experiences for consumers. The company's legacy meant they were already masters of comfortable, wearable technology. The acquisition would help them get closer to their consumers, creating a juncture to provide connected, in-home experiences.  

Our sell-side client wanted to ensure the acquisition was successful for both parties. To demonstrate the viability of the venture, they needed to present a detailed breakdown of consumer audio consumption, technology adoption, and future market dynamics. Their proposition was powerful, but they needed research to validate their assumptions. 

Digging beyond the data 

While data was integral in determining the scale of the market, thinking big was key. Through a series of reports and a process of consultations, we were able to showcase a market landscape ripe with opportunity. Incorporating feedback from our end-user and consumer research, we predicted what the future of embedded home audio would look like, by gauging the current adoption levels and market dynamics. We demonstrated how this environment could bring the brand closer to the consumer. 

A bold new venture come to life 

Our partnership played a fundamental role in the brand transformation of a global healthcare company. With the help of our expert consumer research, deep industry knowledge, and sound guidance, our client went on to secure a billion-dollar deal. The research enabled both parties to take on a venture with ambitious scope, paving the way for a lucrative united future. 

What’s next for the brand? 

The future is ripe with opportunity. This story is about thinking beyond the immediate, leveraging solid research to help secure future market dominance. The opportunity extends beyond audio, connecting the dots between medical technology, consumer audio, and consumer health monitoring.  

Our strategic insights are informed by our in depth consumer insights, extensive market knowledge, and years of industry experience. Reach out to us today to discover how we can help your brand. 

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Elliott Ross

About the author

Elliott Ross

Elliott heads up Futuresource’s Consumer & End User Insights team. He has 14 years’ industry experience, having spent 10 years in consumer research before joining Futuresource at the start of 2020. Elliott is adept at designing and implementing bespoke research programmes that bring together an optimal mix of methodologies and data sources. He is experienced across a variety of industries, with a specialty in tech, media & entertainment

Olivia Lowden

About the author

Olivia Lowden

Olivia Lowden is responsible for the long-form content, press, and partnerships at Futuresource. Prior to her career at Futuresource, she completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, demonstrative of her lifelong love of words.

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