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Pro PTZ Camera Market Achieves Record-Breaking 61% Volume Growth

The global Pro PTZ camera market recorded its highest ever rate of annual growth in FY20, achieving increases in volume and value of 61% and 51% respectively. That’s according to a new report from Futuresource Consulting, which points to the pandemic as a key catalyst for accelerated growth in the sector.

Market Forces Create Opportunities and Barriers

“Remote working and stay-at-home measures have played to the strengths of the PTZ market,” says Shubham Kumar, Research Analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “We saw a pronounced uptick in buying activity across education, government and corporate verticals, and this wasn’t just an acceleration of pre-planned adoption. Many enterprises diverted spend from other projects to make substantial PTZ purchases.

“Yet the pandemic was a double-edged sword for the industry. Production was slowed due to supply chain issues and component shortages. Factories in many countries were forced to shut for months at a time, and upon reopening they operated at a reduced capacity due to the introduction of social distancing.”

Price Point still Favoured over Innovation

In a bid to differentiate themselves, vendors have integrated a swathe of advanced features into their products. NDI connectivity, larger sensor sizes and 4K video are all becoming more prominent across product ranges. However, Futuresource research shows that end users are still concerned with price more than specification. The <$2,000 price segment accounted for the majority of PTZ sales in FY20, and the majority of Pro PTZs sold are still primarily used for HD video acquisition.

IP Connectivity in Demand

“IP connectivity is one feature that bucks the trend,” says Kumar. “It’s in high demand, as the technology allows cameras to be integrated into networked systems and often reduces the amount of cabling required where PoW (power over ethernet) is included. . There’s also a comparatively limited range of camcorder products with IP functionality. As a result, PTZ cameras have directly benefitted from the growing demand for IP connectivity, especially as remote operation has become a distinct advantage of these cameras.”

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