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Pro PTZ camera market in decline, still outshines pre-pandemic levels

After enjoying unprecedented growth during the pandemic, the global professional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera market has become increasingly competitive. Futuresource Consulting’s new report shows the global pro PTZ market declined in value YoY in FY2022 for the first time since the pandemic, as the urgency to equip spaces with video technologies subsided.

“The recent decline seen across the pro PTZ camera market was inevitable after the level of growth triggered by social distancing and remote working,” says Shubham Kumar, market analyst, Futuresource Consulting. “The market is still outshining its pre-pandemic levels, pointing to a permanent expansion of the addressable market for pro PTZ. First time customers from a diverse range of verticals are now settling into more stable upgrade cycles, edging the market ever closer to maturity.”

$2K to $3.5K and over $5K price segments help soften overall decline

“While overall volume has fallen, shipments for the $2K to $3.5K and >$5K price segments increased year-on-year,” says Kumar. “The value of these segments also enjoyed a boost, as vendors prioritise premium products in these price segments helping to bump up the annual ASP.”

Growth in the broadcast vertical will also support volume and value growth for the pro PTZ market over the forecast period. Having been typically used in reality TV formats and studio productions, pro PTZs are now gaining credibility for use in high-end outdoor broadcast applications like live sports and concerts.

The strong reception to recently launched high-end pro PTZ cameras exemplifies this trend, including Sony’s ILME-FR7, a full-frame interchangeable lens large sensor Pro PTZ, and Panasonic’s AW-UE160, the first to support SMPTE ST 2110 IP video.

Macroeconomic factors create challenges

Although the pro PTZ category has recently enjoyed breakout success in the world of video acquisition, it has not been immune to wider macroeconomic issues. Inflation, the prospect of recession, geopolitical tensions, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the Hollywood strikes are all creating caution among potential customers looking to invest.

“Despite the turbulence, pro PTZ cameras will have the opportunity to cannibalise other video acquisition devices like pro camcorders and system and box cameras,” says Kumar. “This will enable the product category to remain a lucrative opportunity for existing vendors and new market entrants alike.

“Pro PTZ cameras continue to be an essential means of delivering cost-effective video production. They offer a variety of benefits to end-users across numerous verticals, from broadcast media and entertainment to corporate, government, education, and house of worship.”

Despite decline, pro PTZs here to stay

After a year of value decline, the market outlook is positive, representing a reset following the pandemic era's unprecedented demand.

“Although vendors will be feeling the pressure of annual value decline, the strength of the market long-term looks secure,” says Kumar.

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About the author

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