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The Power of Audio: The Impact of Advanced Audio Technologies on Well-being | Audio Collaborative 2022

Join DSP Concepts at Audio Collaborative, where moderator Matt Murray will be leading a panel of experts to discuss how audio technologies enhance well-being, quality of life, safety, awareness, and enjoyment in people’s everyday lives. DSP Concepts will cover recent innovations in audio tech and how these product experiences impact well-being, using examples across a range of industries, from healthcare to automotive to consumer electronics.

As an example of this growing trend, the Consumer Technology Association has made Human Security, of which Health & Well-being is a part, a headline theme for CES 2023. Read more on the subject here.   

Audio Tech Improves People’s Lives

Audio technology can be applied in ways that improve lives beyond the enjoyment of music. Hearing aid companies, like Starkey, were among early adopters of machine learning within audio tech utilizing ML to identify and reduce background noise in dynamic environments. Recent rulings by the FDA in the US have created an entirely new product category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. By making these devices more accessible, the 400 million+ people in the world who suffer from hearing loss can manage difficulties in interpersonal communication.

Audio Tech Keeps Us Safe

In addition to in-cabin sound and voice enhancements that create a satisfying driving experience, the automotive industry has made AVAS features like lane-drift alerts or object detection chimes ubiquitous. Carmakers are exploring new areas of sound synthesis to craft engine sounds for EVs, creating not only an audible safety alert for pedestrians, but improving the experiential journey for drivers as well. Healthtech has also embraced how audio tech can deliver a better experience for patients. Voice-enabled devices are becoming commonplace in enterprise healthcare, with features like improved speech communication for nurse call stations or wake-word detection for safety devices that can trigger without the need to push a button.

Audio Tech Keeps Us Connected

Audio tech enables product makers to improve quality-of-life for their users. Companies like Mimi provide sound personalization to consumers fostering a deeper connection to music, television, and movies by making every detail audible and clear. Dialog-enhancement algorithms improve speech clarity for millions of people. Carmakers have long used sound to reinforce the connection between the driver and the vehicle, elevating the automotive experience.

Audio Tech Looking Forward

In a world that’s growing ever more connected, clear audio communication, whether face-to-face or virtual, is an emerging priority. What experiential improvements will audio product makers create with tomorrow’s technology innovations? DSP Concepts will consider where audiotech goes from here and what other products and industries will integrate sound and voice features to improve people’s lives. What existing features can be improved upon and what features will be available in the future?

Audio Collaborative

Join DSP Concepts along with panelists from industry-leading audio tech innovators like Fraunhofer, Tymphany, Starkey, and Mimi for a thought-provoking discussion at Audio Collaborative on November 10 at the Ham Yard Hotel in London.

Explore our growing line-up and reserve your ticket by visiting the events page here.

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Audio Collaborative 2022 returns to London!

10th November | Ham Yard Hotel, London

Join us for Audio Collaborative 2022, where we will explore the evolution of audio and embrace the creativity, strategy and development of technology across the entire space.​ Audio Collaborative brings together delegates from some of the leading companies in the industry, providing sponsors with the opportunity to showcase their brand and products in the presence of an influential audience. 

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