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Current Content Creation Market Trends

Futuresource estimates that there are 80.4 million home video creators worldwide, significantly more than the 41.8 million audio creators. Creators include podcasters, gamers, vloggers, streamers, videographers, teachers, trainers, live event recorders, and even musicians, and they are all placing an overwhelming emphasis on video creation at home.  

Lockdowns gave creators the time to learn and hone their skills, ultimately resulting in better content. And better content generally means more satisfaction from the content produced, and therefore has accelerated the content creation cycle. 

Of those surveyed, three in every four stated that the pandemic influenced them to spend more time creating content. Two in every three also said that they expect to continue to increase the amount of time spent creating over the next 12 months, despite them being likely to spend less time at home.  

Factors influencing their decision included learning, expression, popularity and fame, inspiration, consumption, and being able to improve the quality of their output.  


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