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Futuresource Convergence in Pro Video Market Report - Europe

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Current Market Trends

Futuresource Consulting has designated three distinct waves to the evolution and maturation of the convergent camera trend, based around DSLRs, mirrorless and video-first cameras sold for use in professional video production.

First, there was the accidental breakthrough, where video recording capabilities were added to achieve USPs as the technology advanced, rather than to satisfy market demand.

Wave two saw the conscious inclusion of professional codecs and features, such as .log colour profiles and focus peaking.

Then the third and most significant wave marked the emergence of an entirely new category of camera: video-first convergent devices.

These third wave products are built around the mirrorless camera form factor, favoured by convergent camera users. However, they are designed from the ground up with professional video acquisition in mind. Stills photography takes a back seat, and video recording specifications are all-important, even down to the button layout and user interface.

Convergent cameras achieved European sales of €163.6 million in 2021. Futuresource expects sales to peak in 2023, as the market begins to approach saturation point, and the impact of high-quality smartphones starts to be felt at the lower end of the market.

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