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Futuresource Professional Camcorders Qtr Track

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Professional camcorders have been a longstanding success in the video acquisition market due to the versatile nature of products in this category. An extensive range of form factors and sensor sizes enable these cameras to cater to a range of different applications, including broadcast news, TV and film production but also corporate, government, and educational use cases. The increased reliance on video technologies in the wake of COVID-19 and new use cases created by the pandemic have been reflected in significant shifts in the product mix of the professional camcorder market in 2020.

This report reviews the performance of the global pro camcorder market to-date and provides an outlook to 2024. It profiles key regions and reviews the major developments in terms of product features and competitive landscape.

The report is accompanied by country and specification-level forecasts available in the Analyzer.

•Shipment data is at sell-in level.

•All data is supplied by vendors at model and country level.

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