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Futuresource Professional Microphones

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Current market trends 

Component shortages and supply chain disruptions have had a significant negative impact on the pro-audio market. This has resulted in back orders, long lead times and suppliers being unable to meet demand. However, the microphone market is slightly less affected by component shortages when compared with other pro audio markets, as many microphones are analogue. Despite this, supply chain issues are a problem for all products, and component shortages remain a key issue for the global wireless microphone market. 

Much of the near-term growth is coming from ceiling beamforming array microphones and wireless, with the latter driven by the recovery of live performances. With those products, sales are currently limited by supply rather than demand.  

Moving forward, Futuresource expects the microphone market to experience continued recovery this year, growing by 9.8% in 2023. And while the economic situation still provides reasons for concern, the current inability of suppliers to fully meet demand, combined with the recovery of live performances, will help to mitigate the short-term impact.  

In the regions, the USA has repeatedly proven itself to be a setter of trends. The move towards smaller huddle rooms started in the US, and the region was also responsible for sparking the global trend for ceiling microphones. The surge of amateur content creation could also become a global phenomenon. 

Given the role of the USA, microphone suppliers would benefit from observing the latest developments coming out of the region. For example, suppliers should be aware that the integration of microphones into displays, video bars and all-in-one soundbars is a significant threat to low-end to mid-range microphones in meeting rooms. As a result, premium solutions are becoming critical to long-term brand survival. 

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