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Futuresource Interactive Displays Track

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The Interactive Displays market accumulated over 15 million global sales during the period of 2010 to 2020, and continues to exhibit both volume and value growth. Over this time, sales have pivoted from Interactive Whiteboards, IWB (98% of volumes in 2010) to Interactive Flat Panel Displays, IFPD (95 % of volumes in 2020).

Whilst IWBs have been more or less exclusively used in Education, the Corporate meeting room market has become a secondary driver for IFPD, (although Education, especially K 12 still accounted for over 80% of global IFPD volume demand in 2020). The addressable market of Corporate meeting spaces is larger than the number K 12 classrooms, and existing penetration is low, especially in smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces.

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