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Futuresource Interactive Displays Track

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The interactive whiteboard market has grown at a tremendous pace over the last decade. Initially, major uptake was in the UK, Mexico, and the US. Now interactive whiteboards are common globally. The technology has evolved over the last few years and we now see interactive flat panels gaining traction in the market, at first in a few early adopter countries - especially in the Netherlands, South Korea, and the UK. This has encouraged additional vendors to enter the market.

These products are almost exclusively used in K-12 schools but the corporate meeting room market is also beginning to adopt interactive display solutions. The addressable market of meeting spaces is larger than K-12 classrooms, and existing penetration is negligible. As some of the early displays are 10 years old the replacement market in K-12 is also growing.

The education sector provides a vast target market for vendors and component suppliers alike, with over 43 million classrooms and 1.5 billion enrolled students and teachers in K-12 across the world. The Interactive Displays Quarterly Market Track is a comprehensive service, based on actual sales-in data from vendors. The service covers both interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panels in education and the corporate sector. This report covers:

Sales data at sell-in level by country
Forecasting including five-year sales forecasts by country
Product, technology and competitive review – to identify and interpret key market developments and trends
Detailed information is available in the Analyzer tool

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