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Futuresource Video Conferencing

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Audio and video conferencing is an exciting and diverse market, extending from low-cost and widespread Cloud-based Solutions all the way to highly specialised Telepresence Suites. With businesses increasingly adopting work from home practices, as well as a desire to connect employees and engage with third parties/customers across distances, the demand for audio and video collaboration technologies is at an all-time high. In addition to this, the past couple of years have experienced a democratisation of video communications, bringing the technology to a much wider audience and, with this, bringing a greater range of vendors to the market.

The tremendous economic and social disruptions from the worldwide coronavirus pandemic are expected to accelerate existing market trends towards increased home working and from hardware-based video conferencing to software-centric options.

In this report, Futuresource provides a two-phased, market sizing and end user analysis of this increasingly complex and rapidly developing market.

The first section provides granular market sizing and forecasting of the video conferencing market across 5 product categories: Cloud Conferencing Peripherals, Room Hubs, Integrated Codec Solutions, Telepresence Suites and Team Collaboration Displays.

The second phase explores usage, user behaviour and attitudes toward video and audio collaboration in the workplace. This unique methodology enables Futuresource to provide an unrivalled analysis of the market performance and user engagement of collaboration technologies in the corporate meeting room.

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