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Futuresource Wireless Presentation Solutions

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The effect that COVD-19 has had on the meeting room in 2020 and the effect it will have beyond cannot be understated. For many of us our homes became our meeting rooms, and that brings with it a whole set of new challenges about how to most effectively enable people to communicate and collaborate. 
The year had a sharply depressive impact on traditional WPS Hardware volumes, but in response to the question above, a new breed of products combining traditional Wireless Presentation and the ability to wirelessly connect to in-room peripherals has come to the fore. These Wireless Conferencing (WCF) products show explosive potential for future growth, particularly in regions and verticals where video communication has been most heavily adopted.
In this report, Futuresource expands its coverage into these products to look at how traditional Hardware WPS, Software WPS, and the new breed of Wireless Conferencing boxes will shape the future of the meeting room.

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