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Futuresource Wireless Presentation Solutions

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The market for wireless presentation continued to enjoy strong growth in 2019, with shipments of all product types reaching just short of the 1.5 million mark. Value growth across all categories also remained strong with value reaching $3.4 Billion. While there was regional and vertical differentiation in growth rates, continued success of and demand for Wireless Presentation Solutions of all types looks set to continue well into the future.

Futuresource is a market leader in researching the AV industry and has leveraged its expertise in this area to create a report of unparalleled detail on the WPS market. In addition to surveying WPS Hardware brands, this report explores three developing product categories (Software WPS, WPS Room Hubs and WPS Collaboration Displays) to understand their impact on the WPS Hardware market and their potential moving forwards. In addition to this, Futuresource has undertaken extensive channel interviewing across seven sub-regions in order to understand the makeup of the WPS Hardware market.

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