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Futuresource Living with Digital Consumer Survey

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Current Market Trends

This wave of Living With Digital market research shows a growing consumer acceptance of emerging business models, including Premium Video-on-Demand (PVoD), Premium Electronic Sell-Through (PEST) and Advertising-based Video-on-Demand.

Across the USA, UK, Germany and France, the study reveals that consumers are showing an interest in early transactional digital releases, as cinemas re-open and an influx of new blockbusters begins to reach the big screen. In Europe as a whole, there is still a significant majority that prefer to watch their movies in the cinema, although there’s more of a balance between box office and home in the USA.

PVoD and PEST users are much more likely to be cinema goers as well, suggesting a beneficial co-existence, although the survey highlights some differences in preferences of where and how to watch new release movies, depending on the genre.

Subscription services also continue to capture the attention of consumers, with SVoD strengthening at the end of 2021 and into 2022 in many countries. Yet, in the core countries of the USA, UK and Germany, many SVoD subscribers revealed that they will be cancelling and restarting their services more often this year than previously.


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