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Futuresource LTE in Education Market

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Current market trends 

While the connectivity divide existed in education long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the ensuing need for virtual learning and hybrid classrooms has brought internet connectivity to the forefront of the EdTech industry.  

As a result, the interest in mobile network connectivity solutions, such as 4G, Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and 5G within K-12 has gained further momentum. Post-pandemic, the relevance of mobile connectivity remains, reinforced by a continued move towards distance learning and long-term plans for hybrid teaching.  

Across the forecast period, out to 2026, the USA will be the most significant K-12 market for LTE technology adoption. It is expected to be the only K-12 market investing in LTE for reasons beyond other technology options not being viable. The key motivator for the USA is a drive to establish a robust and flexible alternative to existing connectivity options, to ensure all students have a level playing field for online access. 


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