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Futuresource Personal Conferencing Spaces Market

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This report offers a specialised focus on personal conferencing. The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly changed both work locations, and workflows: where work is done, and how we do it.
Though this opened up a new market, many AV companies are less aware of how these technologies are being used by individuals, what are their preferences and pain points, and how these technologies are being purchased.

With its full suite of services across multiple technology types, Futuresource is uniquely positioned to consider personal conferencing as a technology ecosystem. For the first time, research is being brought together from different market reports to offer a holistic view of the usage, budget and technologies being used by individuals.

In addition to insights around remote working, this report will go into more detail on products and services suited to personal conferencing, namely:
• Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) platforms
• Webcams
• Office-based Headsets

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