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Futuresource Photo Prints

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Current market trends 

Across the leading six Western European countries, the consumer photo prints market (film and digital combined) experienced a 2.8% volume decline 2021, yet achieved value growth of 2.7%. This was due to the loss of market share by online players, and retail recovery contributing to higher ASPs. 

The shift from physical retail towards online orders that accelerated during the lockdown periods of 2020 has slowed down, as in-store and web-to-retail channels regained some traction. Despite this redress, web-to-home sales remained the largest ordering channel in 2021, with in-store the second largest ordering channel.  

During the forecast period, instant and in-store orders are set to regain market share, but will then start a slow decline. The web-to-home channel is expected to remain the main channel for photo printing orders, reaching 39% of total volumes by 2026. 

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