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Futuresource Audio Tech Lifestyles Consumer Survey

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Global Audio Tech Lifestyles

The smart speaker is the most popular home audio product with our survey respondents, with 40% of them owning at least one. Tech companies dominated smart speaker ownership, with notably over 60% of smart speaker owners having at least one Amazon speaker.

In terms of audio tech market and music trends, awareness of audio technologies is particularly high among millennials and those aged between 40 and 55. Immersive sound technologies such as Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality audio ranked the highest in terms of awareness, with a third of respondents knowing Dolby Atmos and 23% aware of Sony 360 Reality Audio.

YouTube streaming services continues to be the most popular way to listen to music, used by over 70% of respondents, while headphones top the list as the most used audio device to listen to music and podcasts or audiobooks at home.

For headphones, TWS (true wireless) and wired in ear had the joint highest ownership rate, with 31% for each form factor. TWS ownership is highest amongst GenZ and falls with increasing age, whereas wired over ear ownership is highest among respondents aged 56+ years. Across all markets, respondents owned 1.9 pairs of headphones on average.


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