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Futuresource The Future of 8K Market

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The move to 8K across the entertainment and display industries is starting to gain momentum but there remains a number of key challenges regarding the technology that need to be answered before it realises its full potential.

Adoption of 8K will be a result of a complex interaction between a variety of different factors of the industry, similar to those seen previously with 4K. Therefore, understanding this transition is not simply a case of looking at one area such as consumer devices Instead, a true understanding can only be gained by analysing the whole breadth of the industry with its various drivers and barriers to adoption.

This report consolidates all Futuresource’s research on 8 K across the entire supply chain from media creation, preparation and distribution, through playout and delivery, to consumption on consumer platforms such as televisions and smartphones, to give the full outlook for 8 K from the “glass to glass” ecosystem.

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