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Futuresource The Future of 8K Market

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Current market trends 

Widescale adoption of 8K will only arise from complex interactions between a wide range of different industry factors, similar to those seen previously with 4K. As a result, understanding the 8K transition is not just a case of looking at one area in isolation, such as consumer devices. Instead, a true understanding can only be gained by analysing the entire breadth of the industry, with its various drivers and barriers to adoption. 

The entertainment industry has taken a cautious approach to 8K. Some proof-of-concept 8K live productions have been orchestrated, yet these are far from becoming a mass market reality. Japan and China are leading 8K adoption, but demand beyond these markets remains very limited. 

On the streaming side of the ecosystem, most content is not yet streamed in 4K right now. Therefore, the mass adoption of 8K among streaming providers is far from becoming a reality. Yet, from an image acquisition point of view, 8K is showing immediate revenue opportunities for cinema camera manufacturers. 8K capable devices are already widely available to utilise through rental houses and for content creators to buy. However, they still represent a specialist technical choice for content creation or a futureproofing purchase. 

For the consumer, lack of content in the short term will mean that end users purchasing 8K displays will be futureproofing their investments. Hence, the decision to buy 8K displays will largely rest on the price delta between 4K and 8K screens over the next few years.  

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