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Futuresource Video Conferencing In Healthcare

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The COVID 19 pandemic has accelerated video adoption across a wide range of verticals and applications. Following an assessment of recent market developments reshaping the use of videoconferencing in healthcare, Futuresource has decided to assess this market in terms of hardware shipments, as well as endpoints and hardware revenue defined as:

Video conferencing hardware: video conferencing devices sold for use within organisation's meeting rooms or huddle spaces. A unit of video conference hardware can function as a self contained endpoint or can be used in combination with another unit to form an endpoint.
Video conference hardware revenue: revenue obtained by multiplying hardware shipments by an average selling price (ASP). This does not include any licencing or additional service typically attached to hardware.

This report is the latest addition to Futuresource’s extensive collaboration portfolio and covers the broad range of video use within the healthcare ecosystem. The report:
•   Sizes the healthcare video conferencing market in terms of both volume and revenue.
•   Details how the healthcare vertical varies by region.
•   Explores the potential for telemedicine within the healthcare vertical.
•   Forecasts the market size, in revenue and users, through to 2025.

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