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Futuresource Video Insights USA

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Current market trends 

At the close of 2023, Futuresource estimates that the total Entertainment sector for the US market will see consumer spend reach $139 billion with a 2% growth year-on-year. With increased competition for audience's time and eyeballs, challenges are being faced across every single category. Pay-TV may be in decline, but it remains the lion share of spend at 58%, with Subscription at 35% and spend of $48 billion. The largest percentage growth for the year goes to Box Office at 20% as it benefits from fresh IP to help drive better than projected results.
Transactional growth is being driven from EST movies and iVoD, in which Premium content is starting to play an ever-increasing role. Ad-spend is becoming a core battlefield for both Subscription and AVoD services, with audiences consistently looking for options that provide them high value for money.

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