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Futuresource Virtual Assistants Tracker

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Covering seven major product categories with global market coverage across 22 distinct device types, Futuresource’s Virtual Assistant Tracking Service monitors the adoption of voice interfaces worldwide by region, assistant platform, and by product from over 100 individual brands.

Whether companies are launching voice-enabled products, harnessing the new generation of virtual assistants to expand market reach, or simply curious about the trajectory of voice technology, this biannual report presents detailed market forecasts, strategic commentary, and research across 14 of the popular virtual assistant ecosystems.

In a change for 2023, the Virtual Assistant Tracker focuses on the Consumer Electronics market. As a result, analysis of virtual assistant platforms in the Automotive sector is now transferred to Futuresource’s Automotive Service.

Subscribers to Futuresource’s Virtual Assistants Tracking Service benefit further via the inclusion of a comprehensive pivot table assembled from over 60,000 data points.


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