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Futuresource Home Appliances Market Report - Worldwide Oct 19

The worldwide refrigeration and laundry markets are expected to grow modestly in 2019. US tariffs will continue to impact markets in the Americas due to increases in import costs of raw materials and finished goods. Slowing growth in housing developments are expected to impact developed European and North American markets.
The volume of smart appliances is expected to grow by 7.4m units in 2019, making up 7% of total household appliance shipments. China has retained its position as the largest smart appliance market; with European and North American consumers also driving demand for connected appliances. Voice integration will continue to penetrate cheaper price segments, though uptake is expected to be limited to developed countries in Western Europe, North America and China due to high selling prices.
This report supplies an outlook for the worldwide home refrigeration and laundry appliance market, with a particular focus on smart/connected appliances. It provides market data for 2018 and an outlook on key developments in the market for the period 2019- 2023. The products under review are -
Laundry – Dryers, Washer Dryers and Washing Machines.
Refrigeration – Fridges, Freezers, Fridge-Freezers.
‘Smart Appliances’ are defined as washing machines or fridges with wireless Wi-Fi connectivity in order to be remotely monitored, controlled or upgraded either via a mobile app or a voice assistant.
Research for this Home Appliance Market Report was conducted in Q2 2019 and Q3 2019.

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