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Futuresource Retail Distribution Consumer Research - Worldwide Mar 20

This summary report takes extracts from the 1st wave of research from Futuresource’s Retail Distribution consumer survey, providing insight into the retail journey of consumers buying Headphones, TVs and Wireless speakers.

This wave of Retail Distribution research covers six markets: | China | France | Germany | Spain | UK | USA

The fieldwork was completed using an online survey in February/March 2020

A sample of 6,000 respondents were targeted in each country – 1500 of each product type per country.
Respondents had to have purchased one of the product categories in 2019 to qualify for the survey, some respondents had purchased more than one product so over sampling occurred.

In order to ensure the Headphone responses were not focused on entry level part of the market, only purchases over $50 were accepted.

Respondents were asked about the product they purchased in 2019, information about that product, where they purchased it (which retailer and whether online/offline), price point and their product purchase journey.

This sample of purchases is used to assess retailer share of market as well as brand positioning within leading retailers.

The sample was nationally representative

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