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Futuresource Global MicroLED Display Market Report

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MicroLED is a disruptive technology on a direct path of driving a major strategic inflection point impacting both the professional audio-visual and consumer electronics display industries.  The evolving technology transition will have major impacts on participants including suppliers, manufacturers, brands, reseller channel and end customers/consumers.  MicroLED advances have the potential to deliver a substantially improved user experience and potentially unseat established technologies such as LCD, OLED and SMD LED but only if quality, yield and pricing and other technical and business issues are resolved. 

Building on 8 years tracking the LED category, this latest report from Futuresource seeks to address gaps in strategic thinking across the supply chain. What are the vertical markets and applications suited for MicroLED and what are the key requirements users will require for adoption?  How does this differ across geographies across the world?  How do these market factors provide opportunity for differentiation and business growth?  What is the market value associated with this industry technology transition including both consumer electronics and professional audio-visual?  How could your company strategize and invest for the coming shift to take advantage, given it is problematic for leaders to ignore?

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