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Futuresource Global MicroLED Display Market Report

Date Published:

True MicroLED, now broadly defined as smaller than 100-micron chiplets mass transferred onto a TFT backplane, is a disruptive technology driving a major strategic inflection point. It is forecasted to reach a cumulative $63.4bn (USD) market opportunity for commercial displays and consumer televisions over the next decade.

Since Futuresource’s last report, the market outlook has increased by 27% due to a mix of factors. In the last two years alone, technology and manufacturing capabilities have advanced significantly, alongside the doubling of identified ecosystem enablers and the tripling of definable ecosystem clusters.  

The updated report outlines the continued impact of True MicroLED, and provides a market forecast of 101% CAGR through 2026. The report explores the timeline of this growth and the accompanying marketplace conditions.​

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