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EMEA - Pro AV Collaborative Conference 2020

In collaboration with THE rAVe Agency, Futuresource held their first virtual AV event for Europe, LAVNCH EMEA. Taking place on 2nd-3rd September 2020, LAVNCH EMEA provided content and discussions to help improve your business position by addressing the products, solutions and applications shaping the AV industry today.

As COVID-19 has forced companies up and down the supply chain to either fast-track or re-evaluate their business plans, the ‘new normal’ and how AV fits into this brave new world was the focus of the two-day conference.

Leadership keynotes, technical sessions and discussions from manufacturers will add hands-on experience to the strategic strengths and market understanding of the organisers, helping you to prepare for what’s new and what’s next.


Pro AV Day - 2nd September

Keynote & Opening Session

Control Session
Can you see me? Networked Devices, AV over IP and the Rise of Cloud-Based Monitoring & Meeting Room Control Systems

Display Session
The Visual Edge of the Platform: A World of Blended Display Technologies

Audio Session
It’s All About the Sound: The Future of Pro Audio


UCC Day - 3rd September

Keynote & Opening Session

Workforce Session
Here Come the Millennials: The Impact of Changing Generations in the Workforce

Collaboration Session
Preparing for the Second Wave: Collaboration in Post COVID-19 World

Audio Session
Audio in UC – The Rise of the Task-Based Workforce

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