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Professional AV Analytics, Data and Research

Digital Signage Markets Analysis and Forecasts

Futuresource has been providing research and commentary on the global digital signage sector for over 15 years, watching true market performance gradually catching up with the initial industry hype. During this period, Futuresource has produced a wide selection of reports, ranging from market sizing through to end user research with network owners.


Product Track – Worldwide
End User Insights

  • Americas* – North America, Central America/Caribbean and South America
  • Asia-Pacific* – China, Indian Subcontinent, Japan, Australasia and Rest of Asia-Pacific
  • Europe* – Western, Central, Eastern and Scandinavia
  • Middle East and Africa*

* DS Displays service goes far deeper covering 60+ countries across the 4 major regions

  • Global Digital Signage Display Tracking
  • Profiling the Opportunity for Projection in Digital Signage
  • Retail – Data Analytics & Integration


Digital Signage Displays

Since Futuresource launched its Commercial Flat Panel/Digital Signage services in the 90’s, the category has posted sustained growth as vendors produce innovative display options with feature sets designed to address the needs of specific vertical demands. This period has also seen a gradual shift towards solutions with a convergence between AV & IT, creating complex ecosystems that drive the adoption of commercial display products. Futuresource services in this category have evolved to help clients understand not only the hardware but also the usage models and ecosystems that ultimately drive display sales.

Product Segmentation:
  • High Brightness
  • Video Wall
  • Interactive
  • Mainstream
Other Segmentation:
  • Media Player, OPS, Backlight, Bezel-to-Bezel Width, Resolution, Screen Size, Brand, Brightness, Country, DVI, HDMI, Tuners, Operation 24/7, Power Consumption, Technology Type, Interactivity and Price
  • Digital Signage
Data Segmentation:
  • Quarterly Shipments in Value, Volume and ASP


Profiling the Opportunity for Projection in Digital Signage

Recent advances in projection technologies have opened-up market opportunities for projection within digital signage (DS). Advances, such as solid-state, coupled with decreasing complexity and greater availability of mapping and blending technologies, have led to a recent surge in demand for projection-based signage across a range of verticals. This research assesses the size and scope for projection in DS, along with reviewing the chain of influencers and general structure of the digital signage ecosystem.

Product Segmentation:
  • Projection
  • Competing technology – LCD, Video Wall, LED
Other Segmentation:
  • DS ecosystem and solution overview, vertical market analysis and forecasting, total addressable market (TAM) profiling
  • Digital Signage
Data Segmentation:
  • Volume and ASP


Retail – Data Analytics & Integration

The Retail industry is in the midst of a period of great turbulence. Changing consumer shopping habits, the rise in ‘out of town’ retail and the explosion of online shopping have combined to fundamentally alter the retail landscape. The intelligent utilisation of technology is, however, offering retailers significant new opportunities. One of the greatest areas of innovation is the capture/integration of data, and the analytics that can be derived from that. Through the usage of intelligent data retailers can make informed decisions across a wide range of areas impacting their business. This study aims to identify: usage areas, the key drivers/barriers and typical adoption of existing use cases, an analysis of the key systems where data is collected (including which data is typically collected in which system) and how it is integrated is covered as well as a review of the key providers to all parts of the supply chain.

Product Segmentation:
  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • In-Store Optimisation
  • Ecommerce
  • Personalisation
  • Store Location
Geographical Coverage:
  • USA
  • UK


Price Track

The Daily Price Tracking and Value Added reporting service is a worldwide service, based on actual pricing data sourced from online sales-based websites.

End User Insights

Consumer research has been a key element of Futuresource's research and consulting services for many years, providing the end customer perspective to our consumer electronics, content and education technology services.

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News, Analysis and Informed Opinions from the Industry Experts.

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