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Professional AV Analytics, Data and Research

Professional Audio Market Insights, Analysis and Forecasts

Following demand for high quality research in the space, Futuresource began researching the professional audio markets over five years ago. Based on the strong reception of its research in the early stages, Futuresource has since released reports in a wide range of product markets, including; Professional Loudspeakers, Mixers, Microphones, Amplifiers, Studio & Recording Technology, and Professional Headphones & IEMs. This service continues to expand into specialist areas such as meeting room audio, unified communications and DSP.

  • Strategic Market Outlook
  • Market sizing in units and values (5-year forecasts)
  • Brand share analysis, including key player profile of the leading five vendors
  • Assessment of key technology drivers and vertical markets
  • Product Track – Worldwide Quarterly Tracking
  • End User Insights
  • Americas – North America, Central America/Caribbean and South America
    • Key Country Splits: U.S, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, RoSA
  • Asia-Pacific – China, Indian Subcontinent, Japan, Australasia and Rest of Asia-Pacific
    • Key Country Splits: China, India, Japan, RoAPAC
  • Europe – Western, Central, Eastern and Scandinavia
    • Key Country Splits: UK, Germany, France, MEA, EE, RoEMEA
  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Mixers
  • Microphones
  • Professional Headphones
  • Studio Technology


Professional Speakers

Professional Loudspeakers is Futuresource’s longest running Professional Audio service and encompasses both a quarterly market tracker and an annual report covering a wide range of products – everything from live & touring line array products to installed flush mount solutions for commercial or corporate environments.

In recent years, heightened competition and changing brand dynamics in the professional loudspeaker market have led many brands, even those in adjacent markets, to seek high quality market research in the space. Futuresource is well placed to fulfill this need and provide solid metrics for investment decisions and brand strategy.

Product Segmentation:
  • Point Source Cabinets
  • Line Array
  • Compact Systems
  • Column Arrays
  • Studio Monitors
  • Flush Mount, Special and Utility
  • Cinema Sound
Vertical Segmentation:
  • Touring & Rental
  • Portable Sound
  • Installed Leisure
  • Installed Commercial
  • Cinema Sound
Data Segmentation:
  • Active Vs Passive / Powered Vs Non-Powered
  • Forecast by VerticalBrand Segmentation



The professional Amplifier market is extremely fragmented with numerous product types stretching across different applications, making it a challenging market to define. Futuresource takes a product down approach, grouping products into 3 high level segments and 4 wattage ranges, discovering how sales split across 5 key applications. Interviews, vertical market analysis and universe size / TAM data enable Futuresource to highlight the key trends across the industry and identify key market opportunities.

Product Segmentation:
  • Install (Rack Mount)
  • Install (Non-Rack Mount)
  • Portable
Wattage Segmentation:
  • <0.5kW
  • 0.5-1.4kW
  • 1.5kW-3kW
  • 3kW+
Vertical Segmentation:
  • Touring/Rental
  • Portable Sound
  • Installed Leisure
  • Installed Commercial
  • Cinema Sound
Data Segmentation:
  • Key specification overview –
    • Number of channels
    • Output
    • Rack units taken
    • Dante enabled
    • DSP enabled
  • Usage Model Analysis
    • Rental/Live, Portable, Leisure, Commercial and Broadcast & Studio
  • Vertical market segmentation and technology review – with detailed TAM analysis
  • Analysis of growth segments and identification of market opportunities
  • Ownership model analysis
    • Rental vs Owned
  • Route to market overview
  • Replacement cycles
  • Brand positioning
  • Crossover with consumer products



The mixing console is the hub of many pro audio set-ups and has been one of the product categories most effected by digital transformation over the past 40 years. Complex analogue set-ups have now been condensed into intuitive, software-driven digital mixing consoles. Some remain in the “analogue camp” and many use a hybrid analogue/digital workflow. Although bringing opportunity to the mixer market, technology transformation, amongst many other factors, also brings potential threats and challenges.

Audio interfaces have experienced significant growth in recent years, leading to substantial pressure in a key growth area. Futuresource’s research in the mixer space maps the entire market, from $100k+ too below $100, segmenting revenue to uncover the host of opportunities and challenges that are impacting technology advancement and market growth.

Product Segmentation:
  • Number of Input/Output (I/O) Channels (0-11, 12-23, 24-47, 48-64, 64<)
  • Digital or Analog
Vertical Segmentation:
  • Touring/Rental
  • Portable Sound
  • Installed Leisure
  • Installed Commercial
  • Broadcast/Studio
Data Segmentation:
  • Brand Segmentation
  • Region & Key Country



Futuresource’s Professional Microphones service currently constitutes an annual report and custom research services. The area has been one of the most natural progressions for the Pro Audio suite due to Futuresource’s vast amount of research in the corporate markets. Over recent years the corporate audio market has experienced significant growth. As a result, audio and visual manufacturers alike are keen to understand how to harness an increased focus on the meeting-room audio signal chain.

Alongside this sits the traditional microphones market, where there is a plethora of brands looking to diversify, expand and grow within their existing markets and beyond. Due to the large and varied opportunity within this market, brands and other stakeholders continue look for higher quality research which can effectively piece together a wide range of vertical markets, applications and technologies.

Product Segmentation:
  • Handheld
  • Gooseneck
  • Boundary
  • Lavalier
  • Mounted
  • Headworn
  • Ceiling/Array
  • Instrument
  • Computer
  • Shotgun
Wireless Segmentation:
  • Wireless Vs Wired
  • Receivers Vs Transmitters
  • Packaged Vs Integrated (at end user level, channel or manufacturer level)
Vertical Segmentation:
  • Touring & Rental
  • Portable Sound
  • Installed Leisure
  • Installed Commercial
  • Studio/Broadcast
Data Segmentation:
  • Pro Studio
  • Outside Broadcast
  • Home Studio
  • Events
  • Conference
  • Performance
  • Lecture/Speech
  • Public Address (PA)/Intercom
  • Karaoke


Professional Headphones

The Professional Headphones service covers on-ear, over-ear and professional in-ear monitors. It fits neatly with Futuresource’s established consumer audio & consumer headphones services, as well as many of the professional reports, including studio technology and research on the live & touring industry. The professional and consumer markets clash the most in this product area due to the breadth of product crossover, but also the influence the professional market has on the consumer space in terms of marketing for this segment. Professional solutions now move into the gaming markets and audiophile space, whilst pro branding acts as strong product placement for entry into the consumer market.

However, to make a smooth transition and harness the full opportunity across a variety of applications, brands must understand the wide range of usage types, influencers and growth applications. Most importantly, through end-user research and industry interviews, Futuresource has sized the opportunity for pure consumers or “listeners” in the professional headphones market split by technology.

Product Segmentation:
  • Circum Aural – over ear (closed back, semi open and open, usually designed for recording/mixing/mastering)
  • Custom Moulded In-Ear Monitors
  • Universal In-Ear Monitors
  • Supra Aural – on ear
  • Professional headsets – professional headphones with boom mic, particular SKUs
Vertical Segmentation:
  • Home Studio
  • Professional Studio
  • Live and Touring – including rental, performer and engineer use
  • Djing
  • Consumer
Data Segmentation:
  • Open-Back
  • Closed-Back


Studio Technology

Over the past 5 years there has been a substantial surge in audio and video content created by both professionals and amateurs. Futuresource’s Home and Professional Studio report sizes the potential for professional audio within the content creation markets, mapping the breakdown of multiple products across both home and professional verticals.

This service not only forecasts five key product areas by revenue and volume, but also combines with an end user survey of over 1,100 participants to uncover purchasing habits, usage types, hardware and software ownership, home and pro studio usage time, and many other parameters. This gives the service a leveraged understanding of how Esports, gamers, musicians, vloggers and other content creators are impacting the pro audio markets and how manufacturers can effectively target these groups.

Product Segmentation:
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Microphones
  • USB Microphones
  • Studio Monitors
  • Headphones
Vertical Segmentation:
  • Pro Studio/Broadcast
  • Home Studio
Data Segmentation:
  • Regional
  • Extensive End-User Segmentation


Price Track

The Daily Price Tracking and Value Added reporting service is a worldwide service, based on actual pricing data sourced from online sales-based websites.

End User Insights

Consumer research has been a key element of Futuresource's research and consulting services for many years, providing the end customer perspective to our consumer electronics, content and education technology services.

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News, Analysis and Informed Opinions from the Industry Experts.

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