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Latest Wave of Smart Technologies – Day 3 at CES 2022

Wrapping up our coverage of CES 2022 with some topics not yet covered, smart home had a strong presence at the show this year. A few years back, when the voice assistant boom was at its peak, it seemed like smart home was everywhere at CES, with numerous products attempting to jump on the voice, smart home, and IOT bandwagon. By comparison, while there were fewer shiny new devices this year, the products on offer focused much more on real-world use cases that can directly benefit consumers' lives.

To this end, interoperability was a huge topic in smart home at CES this year, with the smart home standard Matter seen as the key to unlocking the potential of the smart home for many. With the backing of big players such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, as well as many of the larger smart home companies and CE giants such as Samsung and LG, there was real optimism that 2022 can see the plethora of new cameras, doorbells, lighting, security, and other products released at CES integrate their way into a fully-fledged smart home.

Other notable or interesting announcements include Exeger and Mayht partnering to exhibit a self-charging Bluetooth speaker with theoretically unlimited battery life, and a new dual-membrane driver which outputs the power of a speaker 10 times larger. Mayht expects to licence other companies in the near future. Waverly Labs demonstrated its real-time translation device which promises to allow conversations with up to four people communicating cross-language. Smart lighting company Sengled promoted its Smart Health Monitoring light bulb, showing how non-health products are likely to increasingly incorporate features such as heart rate tracking, sleep, and other biometrics in the future. And finally, Sensory offered an intriguing look into the future of voice technology. Since Amazon first had success with Alexa, voice has steadily moved towards edge-based processing; however, Sensory’s new platform promotes a vision of hybrid cloud and edge technology promising the best of both worlds.

While the sudden rise of Omicron led to a very different CES than would have been expected just a couple of months ago, the CTA succeeded in putting on a show full of the latest innovation, with over 2,000 companies exhibiting and 40,000 attendees from around the world experiencing the latest the tech world has to offer.

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Guy Hammett

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Guy Hammett

Guy Hammett is a Senior Market Analyst in the Consumer Electronics team at Futuresource Consulting. Guy joined Futuresource in 2016 and has worked in a variety of different Consumer Electronics areas, both continuous tracking services and one-off custom projects, and has specialised in audio research for the last four years.

He currently heads up Futuresource Consulting’s quarterly Home Audio tracking reports and twice yearly market reports forecasting out to 2024 and regularly represents Futuresource at trade conferences across the globe.

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