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Futuresource AV Managed Services

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Digitalisation across the audio and video sector has been a key trend for several years. As a result, the transition to software-enabled tools, cloud services and fully managed services is presenting new opportunities for what has traditionally been viewed as a mature market.  

This audio-visual managed services report from Futuresource Consulting’s team of expert analysts covers the key drivers, disrupting trends, enabling technologies and changes in service offerings driven by converging IT and IoT industries. 

The AV-managed services marketplace is also explored, including traditional support and break-fix services, software-enabled-solutions for remote monitoring, management and support, as well as multi-tenant platforms to manage the multi-enterprise level of devices. In addition, the report provides an overview of the competitive dynamic within the AVMS industry, with an outline of the different players, including OEMs, managed service providers, software companies, integrators and emerging industry IT players. 

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