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Futuresource AV Wireless Connectivity in the Workplace

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This Futuresource report explores how 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E will evolve, and how and where they will impact the AV solution product areas used in enterprise settings. It also investigates the barriers and challenges of quality of service and latency, as well as emerging wireless audio device market solutions and critical use cases.  

In addition, the report looks at how connectivity is integrated into video and audio devices, collaboration tools, and displays and interactive panels. Research is primarily focused on understanding the potential of wireless technologies in AV solutions, given broader market challenges around redefining enterprise meeting rooms and how employees collaborate and work. 

To further understand wireless technology adoption and use cases in AV wireless devices, Futuresource draws on findings from its interview program with supply side vendors, as well as existing data from its end-user research. As a result, this report provides a strategic framework for any enterprise with an interest in the global wireless audio device market and its role in the workplace. 

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