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Current Market Trends

Classroom tools is a sector of education technology that’s on the rise, with the K-12 curriculum leaders that were surveyed stating that spend was up 1% in 2021 compared to 2020. In addition, spend is forecast to grow more aggressively in 2022, exceeding 2020’s figures by 18%.

Use of LMS within classrooms has grown significantly, with more than half of all districts reportedly using LMS software, and a further 37% expecting to introduce it within the next two years.

Districts are also noticing a link between the use of LMS and improvements in student achievement. More than four in five districts said that their LMS had directly led to increased student performance. However, there are opportunities for new entrants to push out established brands.

Districts believe that LMS providers can do more to improve the overall learning experience and address weaknesses in tools available to teachers. Results from this study show that one in three districts using an LMS was considering either replacing it or adding additional vendors to the roster.


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