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Futuresource Home Working End User Survey

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Current Global Hybrid Working Trends

Across the USA and Western Europe, 73% of offices were open in February 2022, compared to 53% the previous year. Yet only 9% of employees were based in their offices full-time. As mass markets work from home across multiple regions, future working practices are becoming clearer.

A wider range of locations are coming into play. It’s no longer a straight choice between the home or the office, with 41% of employees regularly working from places like cafes, libraries and co-working spaces. These locations also help to fulfil people’s needs for in-person interaction during the day, a function traditionally provided by the office environment.

Consumer-oriented and retail channels are also playing a bigger part in the enterprise supply chain. Even where companies are ultimately paying for equipment, in a high proportion of cases employees are choosing and purchasing the products.


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