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Consumer photobook (PB) volume sales decreased by -0.3% to 22.15 million units in Western Europe 6 in 2020 but are forecasted to reach 22.61 million units (+2.1%) in 2021. The ASP of a PB rose by 0.4% in 2020 and the market value increased by 0.1% to €720 million. The online channels are continuing to drive the majority of PB orders, accounting for 86% of sales in 2020.

This 52-page report follows the previous Futuresource Western Europe Top-6 Market Consumer Photobook Market Report published in July 2020.

It assesses the development of the consumer PB market across the top-6 markets in Western Europe and includes volume, value and average price forecasts through to 2025, as well as distribution trends, product trends, and a detailed overview of the competitive situation.

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