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Futuresource Professional Amplifiers

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Current Market Trends

Live events have returned in force, yet the professional amplifier market has experienced mixed fortunes. This report points to a wide range of external shocks, which are all still having a negative impact on the pro audio market. And because pro audio competes with home electronics and personal devices for raw materials and supply chain prioritisation, the challenge has intensified.

At the same time, many manufacturers have seen significant fluctuations in demand, making planning and procurement even more difficult to handle. The result of all these issues has been rising prices, reduced margins and the inability of most suppliers to fulfil orders.

However, as theatres, music venues and houses of worship have seen demand return, this has resulted in strong recovery for installed live sound equipment for professional AV companies. Plus, as people ventured out once more, many venues were eager to set themselves apart from the competition, and audio played a large part in the push.

Retail is also one of the areas that returned at a faster pace following the pandemic. Now, in many nations, clothing stores and other top-tier AV applications have shown high levels of economic recovery.

As a result, Futuresource expects the pro amplifier market to fully recover by 2024, exceeding 2019’s $749 million market value by a substantial margin.


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