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Futuresource Professional Display Review Series

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Current Market Trends 

The Professional Displays industry has entered a phase of flux. Several factors are contributing to a period of unparalleled product convergence across multiple vertical markets, with technology transitions driving strategic inflection points. This shift is leading to discernible changes across manufacturers, brands, sales channels, the supply chain, and end customers.

Despite the trend towards long-term growth, the worldwide market for Professional Displays is expected to decline in 2023. Combined value will amount to $31B after a 7.5% increase in 2022. While consolidated Pro Displays had exceeded the pre-COVID value in 2022, it is again contracting before recovering again in 2024 to match the 2019 value.

Looking forward, single-digit growth is expected from 2022 to 2027, to deliver a market segment value of $41B in 2027.


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