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Futuresource Professional Display Review Series

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Current Market Trends 

2021 was a successful year for professional displays, achieving a year-on-year value increase of more than 27%, delivering global revenues of $36 billion. However, there was potential to capture even more value, which remained unfulfilled due to chip shortages. Some vendors also suffered due to under-forecasting the recovery, and falling to the back of the queue for component orders.  

Before the pandemic, the LED market was already a fast-growing segment, and its fortunes have now been realigned to create further opportunities. In the post-COVID world, product quality has matured, brand equity is moving to the forefront and the downstream supply chain is placing more emphasis on the combined offering of product, solution and service. This demand for a more premium solution is destabilising the technology leadership of Chinese brands.  

In pro AV markets and applications, a gradual transition will see the market evolve from surface mount device (SMD) LED, through MiniLED to MicroLED. Despite MiniLED being primarily a transitional technology, Futuresource expects all three technologies to coexist in the narrow pixel pitch market segment. 

The firm’s forecasts indicate a CAGR of more than 22% out to 2025, with product awareness, improved end user understanding and falling prices all contributing to wider uptake. 


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