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Futuresource Projection in Digital Signage

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Recent advances in projection technologies have opened-up market opportunities for projection within digital signage (DS). Advances, such as solid-state, coupled with decreasing complexity and greater availability of mapping and blending technologies, have led to a recent surge in demand for projection-based signage across a range of verticals. However, many companies invested in projection technology have not specifically targeted the signage space before and thus have a limited understanding of the general market dynamics and mid-term potential for projection. This global study that will enable such players to understand the chain of influencers and general structure of the digital signage ecosystem with a view to raising awareness of projection solutions.

Futuresource has been tracking the global commercial display industry for over 15 years – working across the entire supply chain. It has also produced numerous studies in and around the digital signage industry. Both of these factors mean that Futuresource has a wide range of industry contacts to supplement its deep insights of the professional display sector.

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