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Current market trends 

The worldwide tablet market, including consumer and enterprise verticals, achieved 185 million shipments in 2021. Following growth of 3.8% in 2020, the demand for tablets in both consumer and enterprise markets remained strong due to hybrid learning and work-from-home initiatives.  

Uptake in developing markets in Latin America, META and APAC was driven by government efforts to promote digital learning in schools. This trend is expected to continue due to the necessity of new students to have a device in newly digitalised education systems. Also, these countries still faced severe lockdown measures, therefore increased home entertainment and remote working requirements also resulted in stronger tablet uptake.  

Component shortages and distribution issues presented major challenges for the tablet market in 2021. The component issue became such a constraint that Apple announced it would cut production of the iPad and divert chip inventory to iPhone production. On the whole, other major vendors managed to maintain production levels by using older chip inventory. The biggest challenges for 2022 were the high costs of logistics, combined with global inflation.  

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