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Futuresource Video Conferencing and Lecture Capture in Education

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This education market report explores the growth and benefits of video conferencing in education. It includes video use, distance learning, lecture capture systems and non-teaching use cases, which have all witnessed accelerated growth since the COVID-19 pandemic. And while there is considerable excitement surrounding the potential for increased use of video within education, the vertical presents some unique challenges for businesses. These need to be considered carefully, particularly by vendors more accustomed to the corporate space.  

As a result, this report has been created to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing in education for vendors, review eco initiatives, and explore the drivers and barriers to adoption. It also compares the sustainability programmes of leading PC OEMs and the attitudes towards eco practices among K-12 and higher education IT decision-makers. 

This report provides a strategic framework for any enterprise wanting to enter or strengthen its position in video conferencing in higher education or K-12 markets. 

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