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Futuresource Video Conferencing Cameras Market

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During 2021 there was a widespread acknowledgement that there would be no imminent return to pre-pandemic behaviours. In Europe and North America, hybrid work patterns would hold until the medium term, at least.

While this highlighted the need for investment in collaboration technologies, the arrival of new COVID-19 variants acted as a brake on investment. Many organisations remained reluctant to embark on extensive investment while the possibility of lockdowns remained.

Though 2022 has seen an easing of COVID-19-related restrictions in the West, the war in Ukraine, inflation, and economic uncertainty have added to wariness over spending which is not absolutely necessary. Though most organisations know that they need to invest in collaboration technology at some point, many are waiting to see how the next few months develop before committing.

Drawing on Futuresource’s extensive research and knowledge in this area, this report aims to profile in detail the Meeting Room Camera market and how these products fit into the wider Video Conferencing landscape.

Using historical and forecast data, the report examines market size, key trends, regional differences  (Americas, EMEA, APAC [excluding China] and China) and the competitive landscape.

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