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Futuresource Video Conferencing Cameras Market

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Current market trends 

The market for meeting room cameras continues to show strength, as hybrid working patterns maintain their importance. Volumes increased across every meeting room camera category in 2021, culminating in 15% volume growth and 19% value growth year-on-year. 

Before 2021, many meeting room spaces weren’t video-enabled. The sudden upsurge in demand drove greenfield sales. At the same time, some solutions bought during the early days of the pandemic were insufficient to meet end-user needs and had to be replaced. In 2021, all this market movement pushed sales beyond the $1 billion mark for the first time.  

Already the largest regional market, the Americas region drives the majority of conference camera demand, accounting for 34% of global volumes and 43% of total world value in 2021. In Asia, cloud-conferencing users are more likely than Europeans or North Americans to keep their cameras switched off. 

Futuresource expects the meeting room camera market to grow at a CAGR of 11% through to 2026. 

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