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Futuresource Video Production Switcher Market

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The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered the dynamics of the global production switcher market by changing the overall demand for product by price segment and vertical market. FY20 and FY21 were particularly turbulent for the market as restrictions on international travel and social distancing caused significant disruption to the events market including sports and music concerts which are key contributors to overall demand for video production switchers. Despite this opportunities for growth have been found in an expanded addressablemarket of “non-traditional” verticals such as corporate, government and education, whilst the burgeoning creator economy also opens a new customer base.

Based on direct feedback from vendors and component suppliers, this 57-page report provides the following:

  • Market Sizing – quantification of global market value and sales volume of switcher inputs – 2019 to 2026 data.
  • Market Forecasting – five year sales forecasts by region by value and volume of inputs
  • Technology & Competitive Review – to identify and interpret key market developments and trends.

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