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Futuresource Video Wall Controllers

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At a time of increased global instability where emerging markets require infrastructure development, the need for greater collaboration remains paramount and is driving the need for advanced monitoring systems. As a result, the use cases for video walls continues to increase, providing more advanced data and visualisations to global organisations.

The need for more data visualisation is driving the market for both video walls and video wall controllers across control rooms and other usage environments. This report reviews the video wall controller ecosystem, including both hardware-centric and software-centric solutions. The study contains quantitative information on the ecosystem, including market sizing, mapping of the competitive landscape, a snapshot of the current environment as well as splits by both region and key verticals. Sales figures and prices for the next 6 years will also be forecasted.

Moreover, the report aims to shed light on qualitative features such as the areas of growth and market potential, as well as the various drivers and inhibitors present in this space

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