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Futuresource Visualisers in Education

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The Visualiser, or Document Camera market peaked in 2010 and was then a relatively flat market up to and including 2019. However, Visualisers have recently seen new life with the impact of COVID, with significant growth in CY2020 and 2021 H1, making this the best period for Visualisers since Futuresource’s reporting began in 2007.

Visualisers were first used in Higher Education lecture theatres, where they attracted a strong following. After this, usage extended to K-12 schools, especially in the USA where sales of Visualisers in the late 2000's and early 2010's were as prolific as those of Interactive Whiteboards.

The main geographical focus of Futuresource's Visualiser reports is the USA, UK, and the rest of Western Europe. However, to provide a more complete global overview, we incorporate a combination of brand feedback and Futuresource estimates to cover other world regions, where relevant.

K-12 Education provides a vast target market for vendors and component suppliers alike, with over 41 million classrooms and 1.5 billion enrolled students and teachers across the world.

The Visualiser Half Year Market Track is a comprehensive service, based on actual sell-in volume data from vendors.

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