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Futuresource Visualisers in Education

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|The Visualiser or Document Camera market peaked in 2010 but has since declined and then been a relatively flat market over recent years. However, the market has seen new life with the impact of Covid-19, with significant growth in 2020 making it the largest market since reporting began in in 2007.

|The products were first used in higher education lecture theatres where they attracted a strong following. After this, usage extended to K-12 schools especially in the USA where visualiser sales were as prolific as interactive whiteboards.

|The main focus of this report is the USA, UK, and Western Europe. However, to provide a more complete global overview we have included manufacturer feedback and Futuresource estimates to cover other regions where relevant. 

|The education sector clearly provides a vast target market for vendors and component suppliers alike, with over 41 million classrooms and 1.5 billion enrolled students and teachers across the world.

|The Visualiser Half Year Market Track is a comprehensive service, based on actual sales-in data from vendors. This report covers:

  • Sales data at sell-in level, by US, UK, and Western Europe – with data for Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.
  • Forecasting with five-year sales forecasts
  • Product, Technology, & Competitive Review – To identify and interpret key market developments and trends.

|There are a range of high-end products that are not covered in these reports - lead by Wolfvision which specialises in building high-resolution products specifically for the higher education and corporate markets.

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