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Custom Research & Consulting Services

We support clients' decision-making with custom tailored projects delivering analysis and insight using a wide range of methodologies and skillsets. Whether adding depth to our extensive data and insights or addressing completely new markets, our aim is to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions within the required timescales. We typically help clients' decisions relating to the topics below, delivering clear answers and recommendations.

  • Market Quantification
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Channel Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Partner Selection
  • Benchmarking and Competitor Strategy Analysis
  • Universe Studies and Penetration Analysis
  • Concept Testing, Product Development & Pre-Sales Strategy
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Market Entry Strategies

Custom research and consulting projects frequently involve tailored primary research - face-to-face interviews, telephone research, web surveys, focus groups - designed to capture the data, information and opinions required to provide reliable decision-support. Where appropriate, we work with selected partners to further enhance our geographic coverage, industry reach and analytical capabilities. 

If you have decisions to make but don't have the insights you need, we may be able to provide exactly what you are looking for - just ask us.

Custom Research Case Studies

  • Market Quantification
    • For a specialist chip manufacturer - telephone interviews with leading global encoder suppliers and users to determine market sizing, key trends and outlook as the basis for our client's product planning and marketing.

    • For a leading imaging company - sizing and profiling of the markets for professional imaging products in several key African countries, including assessment of the leading vendors, distribution structure and the characteristics of key end customer groups.

    • For a semiconductor company - a global analysis of the current market and outlook for HDBaseT in the professional and high-end consumer market based on primary research with hardware vendors and specialist installers. Specific focus on future adoption drivers and barriers and forecast volume potential.

    • For a leading music label - a 360 degree assessment of the current status and future of the vinyl disc, based on extensive primary research among the major and independent music labels, retailers, pressing plants and industry organisations. Critical assessment of the longevity of the vinyl disc in its second lifetime.

  • Customer Segmentation
    • Major consumer research programme investigating the photo and video acquisition activities and profiles of 'millennials', their content viewing habits, motivations and routes for sharing their own and others' content. Post-research segmentation to map onto the client's segment profiles.

  • Channel Analysis and Distribution
    • An assessment of mobility adoption in business in multiple Middle Eastern and East European countries as the basis for distribution strategy development.

    • In-depth profile of mass-merchants in the consumer product channel based on research with vendors, key channel players and extensive consumer research across multiple European countries. Assessment of the key mass merchandiser chains, their market position and the retail trends impacting this category's future potential.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    • For a leading manufacturer of professional equipment, a series of regular multi-country telephone interviews with users of their after sales services to assess satisfaction, areas for improvement and opportunities for premium post-sale services. Led to identification of best practice, providing a platform for improvement of under-performing service partners and training of new partners.

    • A programme of telephone research among users of a third-party call centre engaged to provide pre- and post-sales support to our client's customers. The project, run over several waves, provided the basis for improvement in user satisfaction levels, led to a restructuring of the third-party agreement and to the call centre helping fund the project.

  • Partner Selection and Strategy
    • Initiated a series of one-on-one discussions with partner executives to assess their perspective on our client's activities and approach, providing an independent platform for the launch of a strategically important B2B reseller initiative. Acted as an informed and impartial facilitator for a series of key regional meetings between our client and reseller partners, leading to a revision of the reseller contracts.

  • Benchmarking and Competitor Strategy Analysis
    • A programme of research with resellers of display products across multiple European countries to determine key success factors and map vendor strengths and weaknesses and distribution strategies.

  • Universe Studies and Penetration Analysis
    • For a leading global displays company, a senior management workshop covering competing business-to-business display technologies, penetration and future outlook, taking into account technology strengths and weaknesses and the impact of emerging office and education establishment infrastructures.

  • Concept Testing, Product Development & Pre-Sales Strategy
    • Focus groups across multiple European countries to assess the use among the younger generation of mobile devices for gaming and entertainment. Participants tested prototype head-mounted display devices based on which we provided clear and detailed feedback to the client's product development team.

    • For a leading packaging company, multi-country online testing of alternative DVD packaging options as the basis for pitching packaging solutions to content owners. Segmenting respondents based on entertainment spending patterns and propensity to purchase versus rent.

    • For a leading Hollywood studio, shopper behaviour analysis with respect to DVD and Blu-ray packaging in France and the UK using in-store eye tracking technology followed by participant interviews, leading to recommendations on use of special packaging to increase sales.

    • Testing packaging design for Blu-ray discs for major Hollywood studio- focus groups and hall tests in the UK and the USA.

    • Price sensitivity study for a new online video streaming service based on focus groups in Australia, Germany and Japan.

    • Product concept testing for a new wearable product using hall tests in Japan, the UK and the USA.

    • Pre-launch prototype testing using focus groups of professional videographers. This multi-country project helped the client understand participants' needs and preferences as a background to them assessing products from our client's and competitors' product ranges. This project led to significant changes being made to the final product design.

  • Investment Appraisal
    • For an investment organisation, an assessment of the global classroom technology market, building on Futuresource's market tracking activities. Analysis of the market status and outlook and strengths and weaknesses of the key players and their strategies as the basis for a significant long-term investment decision.

  • Universe Studies and Penetration Analysis
    • For a major content platform provider, an assessment of the scale of opportunity and characteristics of the Japanese market. Based on large-scale consumer research, we determined the characteristics and habits of Japanese consumers, particularly regarding child-oriented and education content, assessing attitudes, behaviour and preferences with respect to content types and audio (subtitled or dubbed).

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