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Audio Collaborative | 10th Anniversary

Audio technology is a key ingredient to immersive experiences, where sound becomes an extension of reality. At Audio Collaborative 2023, we will unite audio leaders and sonic experts to navigate the changing tides of audio. With input from Futuresource’s own leading analysts, the event will unpack the challenges and opportunities of the new technological era. Sponsors will get the chance to showcase their own innovative solutions in front of an influential audience, while attendees can network with other likeminded experts and enthusiasts.

Key Themes


Overcoming the innovation roadblock 

The term 'innovation roadblock' has been permeating the industry. Consumers are happy with current technologies, so what will be the next ‘must-have’ for consumers? Should brands focus on leveraging their strengths in the personal and home eco-system? Or is it about educating consumers on what better-quality audio sounds like? Can software and service play help differentiate brands? Where do consumers’ priorities lie?

Embracing sustainable sound

Without fully implementing net-zero pledges, society will not hit our climate goals. The industry must step up to reduce the environmental impact of audio hardware and software alike. In this session, we will explore how we can collectively clean up audio and overcome the hurdles along the way. 

Audio in the car: opening the door to the third room

The car is fast becoming the next frontier of entertainment, being almost custom-built for high-quality audio experiences. Brands are being presented with an exciting opportunity, so how can they best approach this lucrative avenue?  Can we maximise audio while keeping comfort and safety at the forefront? What’s in store for automotive audio technologies?

The vinyl revival…continues!

This legacy format is resurging, with 2022 vinyl sales rising yet again. What's the cause of this nostalgia trip and is it set to last? 

Audio beyond the music

Exploring the innovations, challenges and opportunities across the wider audio eco-system, including home cinema, gaming, radio, and enterprise.

Servicing the consumer through personalisation

Music is already personal, but curating the individual listening experience can propel audio to new heights. We explore how personalisation, from development through to the consumer, can elevate audio.

The role of audio in the virtual space

Audio's role in the metaverse is indisputable. Immersion can only be achieved with high-quality, spatial sound, and Apple’s recent launch is an inch closer to wider adoption. How is the audio industry approaching this pervasive but largely unchartered platform, and what is the opportunity in light of recent developments?

Approaching AI in audio

The proliferation of artificial intelligence has been one of 2023’s biggest news stories. AI will undoubtedly impact audio, so brands must ride the wave or risk being sucked under. We’ll discuss how to use AI to your advantage and approach it as an opportunity, rather than a threat.

Retail Recovery: The importance of audio in the recovery and growth of retail.

The installed leisure market is edging ever closer to exceeding its pre-pandemic levels, creating a distinct overlap of professional and audio brands in this area. Restaurants, bars, and retail have moved passed the struggles of the pandemic and are now entering an era of development and expansion. What opportunities are present and how can brands support the continued growth of retail?

2023 Sponsorship

Make your presence known at one of the industry’s most valuable events. Our sponsorship opportunities will enable you to showcase your brand’s strengths in front of a crowd of audio experts and enthusiasts. Get access to exclusive delegate ticket rates and place yourself at the forefront of the audio industry. Connect with other sonic leaders and expand your platform at Audio Collaborative 2023.

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Discover highlights from our past events

2022 represented a triumphant return to Futuresource's in-person events. Hear what some of the speakers and panellists from Audio Collaborative 2022 had to say about the event. 





Free downloads 

Get a taster of what’s in store by downloading exclusive panel footage from Audio Collaborative 2022. 

Audio Collaborative 2022 | Pushing the boundaries of the personal audio experience (panel)

Personal audio continues to be one of the hottest categories in consumer electronics. This panel explores the key drivers and developments across hardware, software and content, and considers the growing awareness and appetite from consumers.

Download Now

Audio Collaborative 2022 | Sounding out on sustainability (panel)

Our planet needs us. Althea Ricketts (Shure), Chris Carey (Opinium), Dom Robinson (Greening of Streaming), and Andy Dowell (MQA) discuss how audio can become more sustainable.

Download Now




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How the enhanced consumer experience will shape the future of audio

Chaired by Guy Hammett (Head of Home Audio at Futuresource), this panel explores which technologies developers are focusing on and which are resonating the most with consumers. Panellists include Julien Bergere (Bang & Olufsen), Sarah Yule (KEF), Rob France (Dolby Atmos), and Marcos Simón (Audioscenic).

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Granular insight into the world of consumer audio, as seen at Audio Collaborative

As if audio wasn’t already pervasive, consumer interest continues to climb. As listening devices diversify and streaming services introduce new personalised features, demand shows no sign of waning. At Audio Collaborative 2022, Arian Bassari, Lead Analyst at Futuresource Consulting, delivered his research on the audio market to a crowd of industry leaders and audio experts.

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