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Futuresource at Bett 2023!

Bett 2023 lived up to its expectations! The event’s overarching theme this year was reconnect, reimagine, renew, and the Futuresource team was able to witness the innovation and insight of industry thought leaders in person.

Want to discover the biggest innovations, technologies, and talking points of Bett 2023? Then grab your copy of our highly-anticipated post-show report, which tells you everything you need to know about the event.

Otherwise, don’t forget to take a peek at our edtech offerings, blog content and B2B Future Sessions below.

Download our Bett post-show report 

The B2B Future Sessions | Watch Now

As the pandemic retreats further into the distance, the future of the B2B tech ecosystem holds promise. Watch as our analysts discuss some of the key trends sweeping the B2B technology landscape, as they discuss what may emerge throughout 2023 and beyond across pro audio, pro video, collaboration, connectivity and services, edtech and professional displays.

Syndicated Reports


Mobile PC in K-12 Market Tracker

BYOD is starting to impact how vendors approach the education market - a topic we explore in this K-12 Market Tracker. While the channels in which these devices are purchased can differ from institutional sales, the purchase decision making criteria when driven by a parent purchase can also provide new opportunities for vendors. 

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Esports in Education Market

This report quantifies the demand for esports IT hardware across K12 and Higher Ed now and over the next five years. It explores the regional purchasing behaviours of schools and universities, describing the drivers of esports adoption and the barriers that remain – particularly in K12.

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Sustainability in Education Market

We assess the opportunity and market potential for sustainability to impact business development of most IT companies. A key deliverable of this report is to quantify the global installed base of mobile PCs and desktops in K-12 and Higher Ed institutions to quantify the size of sustainable device market in Educational Technology mobile PC and desktop segments. 

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Higher Education PC Market Sizing

This higher education PC market report reviews sector performance and explores the issues that will influence the development of the higher education market over the next five years. The report is based on Futuresource Consulting’s education technology market research and forecasting, along with direct institutional feedback from IT decision makers at 604 universities across 20 territories.

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K-12 BYOD Market Sizing 

BYOD is starting to impact how vendors approach the education market, as the channels in which these devices are purchased can differ from institutional sales. This report forecasts future demand for computing devices in schools, exploring the total addressable market and penetration in schools, whilst tracking the overall rate of change of the BYOD market.

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Interactive Displays Market Tracker

Futuresource’s well-established Interactive Displays quarterly market tracking service is based on actual sell-in volume data from vendors. The service covers both Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) and Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) in the Education and Corporate sectors.

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End User Research Programmes


Ed Tech Voice - Classroom Tools and Assessment

Based on interviews with school curriculum leads in the USA, this report focuses on the use of interactive classroom technology tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS), productivity software, STEM technologies and adaptive learning software, as well as the key priorities and obstacles faced.

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Ed Tech Voice - Administrative Tools

The pandemic highlighted not just the need for technology for students and teachers to interact, but the role EdTech can play in collaborative learning and connectivity. Explore the current and projected ownership of administration tools, including school information systems (SIS) and communication tools.

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Ed Tech Voice - AV Devices

With so many factors influencing the final purchase of EdTech devices, this report provides feedback on the current usage of EdTech in schools and planned investment, specifically Audio-Visual Devices. Delve into which factors are most important to schools when investing in Audio-Visual Devices and their planned future purchases.

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Ed Tech Voice - Client Computing Devices

The Client Device Computing report is the first of 4 reports, outlining the findings from a large-scale interviewing process with US K-12 School Districts. This report focuses on the current and projected ownership of desktop PCs, laptops, Chromebooks and tablets, as well as the key priorities and obstacles faced.

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K-12 BYOD End User Market

Focusing on major ed tech countries or territories where BYOD is understood to be significant, this end user report explores the total addressable market and penetration of the BYOD trend in schools. Which channels these devices are purchased through and what factors most influence decision-making for parents all present a host of new and exciting opportunities for vendors.

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Higher Education End User Market

This multi-client annual research study provides invaluable insights about existing technology ownership levels and future investment plans for higher education institutions in North America and Europe. The research steams from a representative end user panel of 300 in-depth interviews with IT Purchasers at Higher Education institutions in the USA and Western Europe.

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Custom Capabilities

We understand that each business is unique. That’s why everything we do is tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. We deliver next-level insights and recommendations for market quantification, customer segmentation, channel analysis, end-user analysis, and much more. Whatever your requirements, Futuresource will deliver bespoke custom research to elevate your business further.

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